The Fervent

Example Model: T140 Elite

The Tier 2 dual suspension bike offered by Thrill. 

The dual suspension range has a single pivot linkage rear suspension. This is a bike that still has lots to offer the rider. A competent dual suspension bike that will progress the rider starting out and challenge and support the more skilled rider to step up their attack on the trails. The model variations will progress with you. Similar to the Ricochet the head angle is slightly more "slack" on the T140 models than the T120 models.

All models are running 27.5 inch wheels/tyres.

Here is a top to bottom list of the various models in the Fervent range:

  1. T140 Elite
  2. T140 1.0
  3. T120 Elite
  4. T120 1.0
  5. T120 1.5
  6. T120 2.0
  7. T120 2.5
  8. T120 3.0
  9. T120 3.5


T140 Geometry

T120 Geometry

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