The Ricochet

 Example Model: T160 Comp

T160 Comp


The Ricochet Range is Thrills leading dual suspension bike.

There are a number of variants in the range and they are all based on the same frame geometry. The range changes in front fork length and other high to lower component specification.

The model has a a hydro-formed aluminium frame - you have probably seen this written in other bike descriptions. The frame pieces come from specific made dies for each piece and they are formed under pressure in the die. This gives the frame a  greater strength through less welds meaning less places for the frame to fail. Many modern mountain bike frames are formed in this way. 

At the moment the higher specification bikes are rare to source, but we are trying.

I am currently riding the T120 AL 1.0 and it has been an awesome packet of fun. I have another young rider on the T120 AL Elite and equally he is enjoying the ride.

The BIG plus we both commented on was the weight of the bike, the ease with which it climbs (for a 27.5 inch) after both riding 29ners. The suspension and brakes really work well and compliment the bike making it feel stable and dynamic all in the one moment. The shorter wheel base together with the bike weight is a recipe for an agile bike that is sure to make you smile (yeeewwww)!


Here is the range in order of highest specification to lowest ... 

You will find links to all the bikes at the bottom of this page - and note that the order corresponds to the best selling models by default - you can change this if you scroll up and top right of page is a filter drop-down.

T160 Series (Front Suspension Travel 160mm)

T160 AL Pro, T160 AL Expert. T160 AL Comp

T140 Series (Front Suspension Travel 140mm)

T140 Elite, T140 1.0, T140 Expert, T140 Comp, T140 Sport

T120 Series (Front Suspension Travel 120mm)

T120 AL Elite, T120 AL 1.0, T120 AL 2.0, T120 AL 3.0, T120 AL 4.0, T120 AL 5.0


All Ricochet Range bikes run a 27.5inch wheel/tyre.


T120 Geometry 

T140 Geometry

T160 Geometry


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