Our Values

1. community activation

DirtPlay is more than just a business, it is a movement. Our Mission is to activate communities through the shared passion of mountain bikes.


2. family

Our customer, Our suppliers, Our team - You all are part of OUR FAMILY. 
A customer smiles, we all smile.
When you win, we win.
When we win, you win.

Our business is firmly focused on raising the quality of life with every person our brand reaches.
We take care.


3. environment

Our responsibility.
Our opportunity.
Our standards.

Eliminating waste is not just something we do as good business sense, it is our contribution to ensuring a healthy future to enjoy. Without the land, we have no trails.  Our business will be 100% environmentally responsible – right down to the coffee cup, types of packing tape etc.


4. pioneers

We will not be just another bike business. Innovation is the heartbeat of a business. This is the drive and momentum that fuels our thinking to always be best serving our customers, to keep you happy with your purchase and experience.

Having an environment we every idea is great idea until we figure out that it may not be and you are welcome to share yours. Drawing from all the uniqueness of every person our business reaches – especially hearing from customers.