Returns & Refund Policy

The following applies to bikes purchased outside the CONNECT CLUB Membership Program.

We get it .. that sometimes things do not go to plan or you find you did not purchase the bike that you actually wanted.

Bikes returns will be accepted up to 30 days from the date of purchase.


The following conditions apply:

1. The bike must NOT have been used - prior to returning we will ask you to demonstrate via a series of photos that the bike is in an unused (NEW) condition. This includes all parts and components of the bike. Any part that is damaged (as a result of poor handling of the bike during unpack/pack or as a result of poor assembly) or scratched etc. will be deducted at cost price for that component. We will itemize this as part of the refund process.

2. A bike that has evidence of use will VOID the bike return and refund policy.

3. You may still submit the bike for return and we can negotiate a fair refund price.

4. The bike must be returned with all the original packaging components and repacked as per our instructions for packing a bike.

5. Return shipping cost are the responsibility of the customer and we will help arrange this with about freight provider to minimize this cost to you.

 6. If the bike incurs damage during the return shipping due to inadequate packaging by the customer, we reserve the right to charge the customer the cost of replacement of the damaged part or component.

7. You must be present at the designated time/day of return shipping - failure to do so may incur further shipping costs dependent on the shipping provider. 


The Refund:

1. The bike will be closely inspected and a report provided back to you inclusive of the proposed refund amount.

2. Any transaction fees and/or shipping fees incurred during the purchase process will not be part of the refund

3. If you have purchase the bike through a hire purchase type arrangement the refund process will be subject to their processing times.

4. If you have purchased through credit card or bank deposit we will process the refund as soon as we have your agreement on the refund amount. You will be asked to confirm your banking details. If your bank has OSKO payment transaction facility it will be an immediate refund and if not the time for refund will be subject to your banks processing time



We appreciate the financial matters can create stress and that you may fill frustrated or aggrieved by our process and/or by the amount of refund we are prepared to offer. Taking an aggressive and offensive approach with our team will not improve your result. Evidence of this type of behaviour may void and/or reduce your opportunity of a successful refund. If you are respectful and patient you will get the BEST outcome possible.

We will always endeavor to find the best possible outcome. We are creative and we encourage you to be as well, so please do not hesitate to propose solutions.