The RIGHT Size Bike - Most Important

One of the most common complaints (errors) people make when buying a mountain bike (particularly online) is getting the wrong size bike.

Below is our help information to choosing the right size Thrill Mountain Bike.

THE SHORT WHEELBASE: The configuration of the geometry in the  is geared towards a shorter wheel based mountain bike. This places you is a more upright and "in control" position in the riding cockpit. There is some reference among other mountain bike websites commentary that you are in a less aggressive riding position.

The key measurement difference is the "reach" measurement. This is shorter than other current mountain bike brands when comparing the same frame size. This information is on the Geometry sheet for every bike.

We do not want you to be caught out selecting a Thrill Mountain Bike, so please consider the following carefully and if not sure send us a Message  - this icon to connect with Facebook Messenger appears at the bottom right of the page....




Regardless of what bike brand you are buying you need a couple of key measurements - your height and your wingspan (measure in centimetres) and get some help to get it accurate.

Here's how to apply your measurements ...

1. if your height matches your wingspan go with the frame size that is closet to that measurement.

2. if your measurement is right on the limits of the range for the frame size - we recommend you consider the following:

a) if you are still GROWING go to the next frame size - if we do not have that, message and chat with us
b) if you have good strength for your size/build, choose the next frame size up - chat with us if you want to confirm
c) if you feel you do not have good strength stick with the lesser frame size - particularly important for choosing bikes for kids


3. if your wing span exceeds your height - we recommend you follow the wing span measure and choose the frame that suits which could be a frame size larger.

4. if your wing span is less than your height - we recommend you follow the height measure and choose the frame.


1. ME, the founder of DirtPlay .. I am actually a staggering 174cm, so I am could ride Medium or Large Frames. I have short legs and long arms with a wing span of 181cm. So based on frame size for the "All Models Table" for Thrill Bikes I ride a Large frame and it feels really comfortable.

2. if you were also 174cm but with a wingspan of 169cm we recommend the medium size based on the "All Models Table".

3. if your measurements matched at 174cm you could ride either frame size based on the "All Models Table" and we recommend considering you riding ability and style to guide you to the right frame - chat with us we are here to help.

Note: Seat Tube angle also plays a role and in the case of Thrill Mountain Bikes the angle is more upright which is part of why the "reach" measurement on all Thrill Mountain Bikes is less than other current brands on the market. Also important to appreciate is as the seat goes up, it moves away from the cockpit and ever so slightly you can find a very comfortable riding position - a dropper posts is an excellent addition to find this sweet spot.


All Models Table (Except Wreak Model Range)

Frame Size  Measurement
Medium 153 cm - 172 cm
Large 173 cm - 184 cm


 Wreak Models

Frame Size  Measurement
Small 27.5 inch 145 cm - 158 cm
Medium 27.5 inch 159 cm - 177 cm
Small 26 inch 140 cm - 158 cm
Medium 26 inch 159 cm - 170 cm



Other notes on Reach

When it comes to mountain bike sizing, reach tends to be what changes more from Small to Large than stack (seat) height. Almost all mountain bikes are trying to get as low as possible to buy the rider range of motion in the cockpit of the bike so you’ll see a lot of bikes with an increase in reach. If you happen to have a proportionally longer torso, you’ll want to size up in order to get a neutral fit, since reach is primarily what’s affected by the size.

The opposite being a smaller sized mountain bike that has a shorter reach and a slightly shorter wheelbase. Possibly a lower stand over height and you may need to extend the seat post a little further. If you’ve got proportionally longer legs than arms, like to be more upright and the sense of control when riding, you may be a bit more comfortable on a smaller frame size. The shorter wheelbase will ride more dynamic and generally shorter bikes are easier to be on for long periods of time (and are lighter).